Carlyn Brown, R. Ac, HHP

About Carlyn

After obtaining diplomas in both Acupuncture and Holistic Health at Grant McEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta, Carlyn moved to Kingston in 2002 to open the doors of Wellington Acupuncture & Massage.  In November 2019, she relocated a few blocks away to a new location to join a colleague in a dedicated acupuncture practice. 

Carlyn is committed to continued learning.   Her further education has included  a two year part time clinical integration program  with renowned acupuncturist, Lonny Jarrett,  in Stockbridge Massachusetts.  In addition, she has taken  courses with  master acupuncturist Kiiko Matsumoto and  the late Dr. Richard Tan.   Over the years Carlyn has also continued to deepen her knowledge of the body's physiology by studying, practicing and teaching yoga,   learning facial acupuncture rejuvenation  and  has taken several workshops on other health interests to support her acupuncture practice.   In 2015 she graduated from an online meditation teacher training program through the Meditation Learning Centre in Mesa, Arizona and likes to explore ways her clients may benefit from beginning and/or maintaining a meditation practice to support  their overall well-being.

 With almost 20 years of clinical  experience,  Carlyn  feels confident in her practice and has seen  the efficacy of acupuncture.   Although she has  a general acupuncture practice treating pain syndromes such as sciatica,   joint inflammation (tendinitis and bursitis),  headaches and low back pain, and  digestive disorders, such as IBD, and IBS,   she has a particular  passion working with mental health (anxiety, depression and PTSD) and hormonal issues, such as fertility, hot flashes, headaches/migraines and other menopausal symptoms.  

Outside of work, Carlyn enjoys being in nature as much as she can, whether it be in her garden, hiking in the woods, or  her husband Miguel's family farm.